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Three-way Catalyst

3-way diagram

The 3-Way catalyst is designed specifically for use on gas, LPG and natural gas applications. In addition to targeting carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons this catalyst will reduce NOx by up to 99% allowing engine applications to meet the most stringent emission standards.


As with our oxidation catalyst our 3-way catalyst is available in all product configurations: Inline Catalyst, Catalytic Muffler, Flanged Catalyst and QuickCat Catalyst.

Typical Conversion Efficiencies:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Hydrocarbons (HC) Formaldehydes (CH2O) Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS)
90-99% 90-99% 60-90% 80-96% 80-96%

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:: > Axces Solutions > Three-way Catalyst > 3way Catalyst Extra Info