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Integrated emission technology in exhaust systems

An unique combination is introduced, by complete design, production and  installation  of  fully-integrated  packages  consists  of  soot  filters, catalysts, SCR systems and exhaust silencers. 

Offering the market an all-inclusive producer which is able to design and produce an integrated combination of both emission control and noise reduction in one package, according the future requirements, creates an enormous added value for the market and the end-users.  

As part of its mission to introduce a complete integrated solution both on emission and noise control, Axces made an important step offering the market an all-inclusive exhaust system. It will result in an enormous improvement on effectiveness in achieving efficient engine performance, by way of an optimum balance in the output of flue gasses related to emission reduction and noise & vibration control.

In order fulfill to increasing international emission requirements, there is a rising demand of customized solutions in emission after-treatment and related noise control in exhaust gas systems. Due to this stringent emission requirements there will be the need of related matching built-in situations, fulfill to maximum back pressure values and strict noise reductions in the exhaust systems. Axces therefor introduces the complete in-house design, production and installation of fully-integrated packages of both soot filters, catalysts, SCR systems and exhaust silencers.

Effective reducing harmfull exhaust pollution

AXCES consists of a group of companies that provide fully-integrated exhaust systems, with silencers, catalysts, soot filters, SCR-systems and stacks as its core-business.

The company’s clear mission sounds:
“Achieving the most efficient engine performance , by way of an optimum balance in the output of flue gasses related to emission reduction and noise & vibration control”.

By facilitating a ‘comprehensive emissions management system‘ clearness is created into the tuning of all related components in the exhaust system.

Offering the market a producer which is able to design and produce a customized integrated combination of noise and emissions in one system creates an enormous added value for the engine suppliers, builders of power plants, ships and off-road equipment as well for the end-users.

Fuel and Engine types


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Diesel Oxidation Catalyst


SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)


DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) Full Flow Wall flow type


Partial flow Soot filter (Emitec PM-Metalit Substrate)


Total Emission Control


Oxidation Catalyst


Three-way Catalyst

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