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About Axces Emission Technology

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What we do

Axces is a manufacturer of industrial exhaust gas silencers and factory-made steel chimneys. Our business consists of the production and delivery of total system solutions based on specific design requirements, calculations, construction, production, delivery and erection of stacks and acoustical silencers.

Over the last decade more than 10.0000 exhaust silencers and related steel chimneys have been delivered all over the world, and therefore AXCES’ total concept is unique within the industry.

AXCES’ specialized working field regarding mufflers is defined within the framework of ’Exhaust Gas Systems of Combustion Engines”. The term “Exhaust Gas System” includes actually everything which is installed after the outlet connection of a combustion engine, including exhaust gas piping, compensators, flexible suspension, flanges, gaskets, insulation and raincaps.

Delivery of Fully-Integrated Exhaust Systems customized to the individual project and customer is our key. In a Unique way AXCES provides ‘Value for customers’ in total exhaust system supply solutions, with Acoustic & Physics as elementary field. These fundaments, together with an integrity of the coordinated specialties: Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Supply, are sup- ported by using a wide and complete product range.

AXCES advice is based on directives which are established by several institutes, which are the result of scientific research. Regarding the activities of designing, our motto sounds ‘combining intelligence with clearness’. This basically means that our point of departure in designing has a scientific background, translated in a clear but for a client practical way.


Our mission

The company’s clear mission sounds: “Achieving the most effi cient engine performance , by way of an optimum balance in the output of fl ue gasses related to emission reduction and noise & vibration control”.


By facilitating a "comprehensive emissions management system" clearness is created into the tuning of all related components in the exhaust system.


Offering the market a producer which is able to design and produce a customized integrated combination of noise and emissions in one system creates an enormous added value for the engine suppliers, builders of power plants, ships and off-road equipment as well for the end-users.


Our vision

Offer the market and related users an “all inclusive system supplier”, characterized by:

  • Innovative breakthrough performances
  • Technically advanced research institute
  • Leader in developments regarding related topics of optimum exhaust gas systems


Value bases

Provide an overview and insight of all topics and disciplines around the exhaust gas system.

Disciplines in the field of acoustics, emissions and physics have to be transparent, manageable and comprehensive. Hereby more utility, efficiency and effectiveness will be derived from the combustion engine.


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If you have questions about any of our solution and/or products, if you want to know more about the custom solutions (for your special needs) we can offer you or if you have any other question, please contact us.